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Funnel Bots Pro is a paid training on how to build a bot-based funnel and connect/integrate it with your email system (ESP). Bot-based sales funnel – Establish a relationship & build trust via fb messenger, nurture cold leads and turn them into paying customers.

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Funnel Bots Pro – Bartian from WildAudience. Author Bartian from WildAudience (568) $165.00-92%. Swing Trader Pro – TopTradeTools. Author TopTradeTools (568) $77.00-85%. Set For Life Blueprint – Dean Graziosi.

What we will get in this course? The goal of Relationship Funnel is to create the best possible user experience and sales experience. Focuses on engagement, gasification, customer beliefs, relationship and trust first. Sells your product/services as the solution to your audience’s problem. 61+ training videos Mastermind access 23 automationsRead More Relationship Funnel – Bastian Ernst

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