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Foreclosure Equity Stripping: Legal Theories and Strategies to Attack a Growing Problem By Prentiss Cox oreclosure equity stripping is the classic case of kicking someone who is down.

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A Friendly Lien is a complex LLC device that can leverage your real estate assets safely. It must be done right to protect you from taxes and seizure.

Effective Equity Stripping Through Friendly Liens.

inventory or other business assets, they may decide to go after those assets.

But equity stripping combined with titling assets to protective entities can be just the combination needed to stop even the most determined creditor. Part of the problem is that lawyers may see equity stripping as a financial – not legal – solution.

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Equity Stripping, Asset Protection, and Bogus Liens by Jeff Vandrew, JD, CPA I’ve recently had a few clients approach me about an asset protection technique that is.