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The Mindfulness Center-"Empowering.

Through research, education and practice, we strive to promote optimal well-being and a sustainable lifestyle. In this mission, we know true joy in life.

and the high incidence of chronic debilitating diseases, we need a new cultural paradigm for considering our well-being. What is needed is a health.

Matthew C. Enkema and Sarah Bowen, Mindfulness practice moderates the relationship between craving and substance use in a clinical sample, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 179,

For professionals working with the elderly nursing home population, mindfulness practice offers a new paradigm of the helper/helped relationship. "Mindfulness is a quality of the physician [or other health care provider] as person, without boundaries between technical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual aspects of practice."

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Holistic Healing Certificate Program; Introductory Classes. The Power of the Mind in Healing;.

Do You Use Yoga in Your OT Clinical Practice?.

A New Paradigm to Get Us Back to Our Roots: Biotensegrity – Beyond Biomechanics and the Mind/Body Split.

Healing Justice Holistic Self-Care for Change Makers Loretta Pyles. Draws from the practices of yoga, mindfulness and Ayurveda to offer a holistic, mind-body, or contemplative approach to self-care. Frames healing justice within the context of contemporary social movements including transformative social practice.