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Amanda Nelson, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is a Certified Master-in-Training of The Leadership Challenge and currently Director of Human Resources at Lerch Bates, Inc. where she oversees global HR functions, including culture development, succession planning, and performance management. She lives to help others win in life and work through coaching and facilitating leadership development experiences.

Sam Carpenter, the author of “Work the System” (my favorite management book of 2008), recommends this checklist for assessing people during and after interviews: 1. Did the applicant show up for the interview on time? 2. Minimum score on aptitude test? 3. Does the applicant to know about our business? Are they looking for just any job? 4.

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Work the System by Sam Carpenter twice now and am trying to implement it. It’s been slow going but has begun to help, In some aspects, significantly, but still if I left the businesses would crumble.

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