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BONUS #2: Tyler Durden's Classic Posts Collection.

So we were away from our home for 6 weeks and when we came back, we had cobwebs at a number of places in the house like the shower cabinets, ceilings, corners, closets, behind toilet seats etc.

High level of nuclear bombardment for a protracted period would probably do it, but those gamma rays are so hard to find.

– Tyler Durden May 30.

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– Tyler Durden Aug 2 ’18 at 12:49 @TylerDurden: use the polluted water as a coolant for your aquatuner. The water sieve will "delete" the heat the aquatuner creates.

This is how I met Tyler Durden. You wake up at O’Hare.

I study the people on the laminated airline seat card. A woman floats in the ocean, her brown hair spread out behind her, her seat.

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